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The ketogenic diet is a special diet used to treat seizures. It was initially studied in the 1920's as a treatment option for those with intractable epilepsy. Since then, medications have replaced the diet, but there is now a resurgence of interest in the Ketogenic diet. The diet is high in fat, and low in carbohydrate and protein, which results in ketosis. In addition, fluids are limited, which helps contribute to the diet's success. This ketotic state exerts an anti-epileptic effect, though its precise mechanism of action is not completely understood.

"I wanted you to know how your nuts are such a great part of my 3 year olddaughters life", wrote a devoted mother of her daughter's dietary changes.

"My daughter has severe Epilepsy and after trying over 15 differentdrugs and drug combinations her doctor suggested that we take her off allthe drugs and try the Ketogenic diet. This diet consist of 96% fat and only4% protein and 2% carbs....hmmm That IS your Macadamia nut!! All food isweighted to the 1/10 gram and is VERY strict.

"Your nut is the ONLY truly yummy food that my daughter can have, (well thatis not true, she could have a black olive....which would you choose?) Sheeats 7.5 grams of your nuts with every meal and it meets so many of hernutritional needs!

"She still has a few seizures, but much less than before this diet and she isnot all "drugged up!"

"I just wanted you to know we love your product!Thanks for being so pure!"

Follow this link to Ketogenic DietPackard Children's Hospital
Stanford University Medical Center
for more information on this diet.

Macadamia nuts may be high in fat, but they needn't be a dietary no-no for the cholesterol conscious, according to University of Hawaii research presented during an American HeartAssociation scientific conference in San Antonio, Texas.

"Macadamia nuts have a bad reputation for having a lot of fat, but it turns out the fats don't impact cholesterol" comments University of Hawaii Professor of Medicine, J. David Curb, principal investigator of the federally-funded research project.

The Diamond Head Nutrition Research Study, named for the location of Kapiolani Community College campus where study volunteers dined during the three-month investigation, compared three diets: a typical American diet containing 37 percent of calories from fat, a similar diet with the fat calories derived from macadamia nuts, and the American Heart Assoication's "prudent diet" (30 percent of calories from fat.) All meals were prepared and eaten in the college cafeteria. Volunteers - 30 men and women age 18-59 ate each of the three diets for four weeks. Calories were adjusted to maintain constant weight levels; menus contained common local foods.

Blood lipid-analysis indicates cholesterol levels on the macadamia nut diet were similar to the low-fat diet and lower than the typical American diet. The macadamia nut diet produced lower triglyceride levels than either of the other diets.

The results echo findings of a preliminary study in which volunteers ate a diet containing large quantities of ground macadamia nuts for one month. Despite an increase in the proportion, of fat in their diets, volunteers showed no significant change in weight or cholesterol levels. No negative side effects from eating the macadamia nut diet were observed.

Macadamia nuts, like olive oil, are high in oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid believed to be beneficial in cutting cholesterol, Dr. Curb observes. The nuts are the only food to also contain significant amounts of palmitoleic acid, another monounsaturated fatty acid.

A long-term study is needed, but results to date are heartening both for guilt-plagued consumers who have a taste for nuts and for macadamia nut growers selling to a health conscious market, Curb says.

Composition of 1/4 pound of
macadamia nuts
(about 40 nuts)

Fatty Acid
Composition of
macadamia nut oil
Nutritional ValuesMinerals:Fatty AcidPercent
About 18 per nut
Potassium, mg.373Oleate67.14
Protein, g.9.23Phosphorous, mg.171Palmitoleate19.11
Fat, g.78.21Magnesium, mg.119Palmitate6.15
Carbohydrates, g.78.21Calcium, mg.36Eicosenate1.74
Thiamine, mg.0.22Sodium, mg.6.6Stearate1.64
Riboflavin, mg.0.12Iron, mg.1.8Arachidate1.59
Niacin, mg.1.16Zinc, mg.1.44Linoleate1.34
CholesterolNoneManganese, mg.0.38Myristate0.75
Copper, mg.0.33 Laurate0.62
Macadamia Nut oil is primarily Mono-unsaturated. Consequently,
there is no cholesterol and your body does not turn it into cholesterol.
Source: Dr. Catherine G. Cavaletto, University of Hawaii.
Published in the 1983 Yearbook of the California Macadamia Society.

University of Hawaii study

Macadamia Nuts Lower Cholesterol

By The Associated Press
A diet rich Macadamia nuts can lower cholesterol levels, according to a University of Hawaii study.

The study said a diet high in monounsat-urated fats - which are in macadamia nuts - "appears to lower serum cholesterol levels when total energy balance and percentage of energy from fat are maintained."

It was published this week in the American Medical Association's "Archives of Internal Medicine."

Macadamia nuts lower cholesterol in the same way olive oil does, researcher Dr. David Curb said. Olive oil also is a source of monounsaturated fat.

The study involved 30 people who tried three different diets for 30 days each.The first diet was a typical American diet high in saturated fats from meat and dairy products, the second was a low-fat diet endorsed by the American Heart Association and the third was macadamia nut-based.

The American and macadamia nut diets provided 37 percent of calories from fat while the association diet provided 30 percent from fat.

The macadamia diet resulted in lower cholesterol levels than the other two diets."We're not advocating that people go out and go on nut diets," Curb said. "We have shown these can be part of a healthy diet, that there's no need to avoid nuts."Curb said other tree nuts have the same cholesterol-lowering effect.

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