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Our nut crackers make an easy job of cracking the hard shell of the macadamia nut and still keep the delicious meat intact.

BULKNUTSBulk In-Shell Macadamia Nuts
By the pound (in-shell)

Our macadamia nuts are sorted, sized, oven dried, and ready for shipment in quantities up to fifty pound boxes. These nuts are all-natural with no additives, preservatives or salt added.
$4.75/ pound for regulars
$5.25/ pound for premiums
$6.00/ pound Certified Organic
$6.50/ seed nuts

Bird Meal
Ground macadamia nuts are oven dried and ground for birds. The all-natural nuts with no additives, preservatives or salt added, are a healthy, nutritional product for the growing birds. $13.00 per pound. Five pound minimum.

Unique Macadamia Nut Gifts

Need a unique gift for a special occassion? You might consider giving one of our macadamia gift packs as special gifts to friends, business associates and family. The custom-made crate pack with colorful Gold Crown labels on each end, holds two pounds of dried, in-shell macadamia nuts, a Mac nut cracker and at-home roasting instructions. This shrink-wrapped gift crate is only $39.95.

Macadamia Nut Crackers

The Ultimate Cracker
This cracker has been tested and found to be a very efficient tabletop cracker for macs and other kinds of nuts, and also one that is safe and easy to use by young and old. This quality cracker handles the job effortlessly and quickly. A great gift for anyone who loves fresh macadamia nuts. Cracks most any nuts including black walnuts.($99.95) With Mac Cookbook for $119.95

Also available with hand-crafted walnut base for $108.95. With the Mac Cookbook for $124.95

Our Get Cracken table top cracker takes care of the cracking jobs quick and easy. ($46.95)
The Mac Cracker is designed to crack macadamia nuts fast. The sturdy and reliable design of this cracker with years of realiable service can handle mac nuts of any size. ($15.00)
Macadamia Nut Cookbook
This 221 page cook book is filled with mouth-watering, taste-tempting recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and deserts. All of them are kitchen-tested to assure success with each and every one.
This valuable cookbook will be a unique addition to any kitchen or cookbook collection and sells for only $25.00. Click here for a sample recipe.
Pick-Up Tool
This handy pick-up tool makes picking nuts off the ground much easier. Either in or out of husks, the pick-up tool reduces the back-bending needed to harvest your nuts. ($23.00 ea.)Picker
Seed Nuts
Fresh picked viable nuts ready for planting. Five pound minimum. ($6.00 ea.)Seed Nuts
Gold Crown Services

Drying    Cracking    Husking

These services are available to our growers and to the public. Contact our warehouse at 1-800-344-NUTS (6887) for more information.

Read the Growing page for an overview of how Macadamia nuts are grown and prepared for market.

Nut Pick-up Service

For the convenience of our growers in the Fallbrook CA area, nuts can be delivered to several locations for transporatation to the warehouse in Escondido. Contact the warehouse for more information.

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