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There is a growing demand worldwide for macadamia nuts. Over the past several years we have exhausted our inventory by summer. We need all the quality macadamia nuts you can provide.

To join our co-op, complete the mailing information, your tree information or e-mail your questions and comments to us using the comments area below. Your application will be considered at the next board meeting. There are no fees to join and we market you nuts to a large customer base.

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Also consider joining The California Macadamia Society (CMS), a non-profit California corporation dedicated to the advancement and improvement of the culture and production of Macadamia nuts.

CMS produces a yearbook filled with valuable information on Macadamia nuts which is included in the membership dues.

CMS participates in county fairs, sponsors an annual field day with hands-on demonstrations, lectures and demonstrations every Fall. They also publish information for growers, libraries and interested parties. For more information click the CMS logo above.

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